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image 1 Standard Alu frame front mount version(s)
Example applications:
Industrial Equipment
Point of Sales
Marine & Shipping
Monitoring & Control
Professional Vehicles
Digital signage
Tell Us About Your Application>
image 3 Safety glass rear & front mount version(s)
Example applications:
Tell Us About Your Application> Vending Machines
Self Service Terminals
Oil & Gas
Outdoor & Harsh Environment
image 4 Tell Us About Your Application> Stainless Steel Safety glass front mount version(s) Example applications:
Medical & Healthcare, Food Processing, Laboratory Equipment, Corrosive Environments
image 1 State of the art industrial grade touch display computers
Ready for use in your application
Cost efficient flexible design
Wide range of different sizes and technology options
Built to support many different environments:
Indoor, outdoor with wide temperature range
Water, impact resistant, dust, vibration, and shock proof
Industrial temperature range
Standards conformant [CE, UL, ISO]
Production ready
Long product life support
Customization services for your specific needs
Our engineering team is ready to create your special device
Faster time to market and lower development risk
image 1 Designed by our in-house highly skilled engineering team
Wide viewing angle displays supporting portrait and landscape mode
Physically hardened cover glass options
Optical bonding options
Front mounting or rear mounting solutions
Stainless steel back housing
Aluminum or S316 stainless steel front frame options
Flexible set of standard interfaces
Ethernet, CAN bus, USB, RS232/RS485, MDB, I2C, SPI, PWM, GPIO, S/PDIF, SDCard
More interfaces on request
Rock solid Linux software platform
Development kit with development environment to get you started
Get your development project started today on production ready hardware