DLOGIC, GmbH®, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, is a leading supplier of industrial touch display computers for industrial applications. Our innovative technologies enable equipment manufacturers to quickly bring to market product solutions with leading-edge, touch-enabled display capabilities. DLOGIC has a wide portfolio of touch display products available. Additionally our extensive knowledge and vast experience allows our engineering team to work closely with manufacturers to design display capabilities that meet the unique requirements for the most demanding applications. Our product realization services can combine customized touch display computing technologies into a fully integrated and tested turnkey product.

DLOGIC was formed in 2008 with the goal of developing state of the art world class user interface computing solutions for industrial applications. We saw the success of the original iPhone and figured this would lead to a demand for sophisticated touch based graphical user interface devices of all types, classes and markets.

At a time were manufacturing of electronic products to a large extent had moved to China we also decided to locate our engineering organization to Shenzhen the largest electronics development zone in the world. Being close to this technology center enables us to work directly with the vast local electronics industry to develop our state of the art technology solutions for displays, touch sensors, mechanics and electronics. We have built a highly skilled engineering organization on western principles utilizing the local technology industry in the Silicon Valley of China.

With the vision of developing innovative solutions for a wide target market with potential customers having many different product types and requirements we designed our solutions from the ground up with reliability, flexibility and usability as the key design attributes. With our background and rich experience from world class engineering organizations in North America and Europe we have been able to design and develop a product range satisfying our goals that are perfectly suited for integration and use in 3rd party products. The DLOGIC display modules offers excellent display and touch performance in a fully self-contained ready to use module at competitive prices.

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